Small Works of Art

Multiple award winning CIELO stands out for its exclusive collections of sanitary wares, washbasins, shower trays, bathtubs and urinals developed by means of thorough stylistic research and an innovative approach not just in terms of the choice of materials, but also the production processes. All Cielos’ ranges are handmade, meaning they can make one-of-a-kind ceramic products, unique both in their proportions and surfaces.

Nature is their inspiration, respecting it is the basis of everything they do and of course people are the centre of their designs. Through their artisanal, custom approach, they rediscovered the value of colour in architectural design.  “Terre di Cielo,” a “palette” of 12 original colours and textures based on natural elements gives huge variety when designing bathrooms.  Their new textures include ‘Talc’ a finish that looks so soft like talcum powder,  it takes designing serene bathrooms to a new level of calm.  We feel totally free using these many colours and finishes of ceramic products in Cielos’ collections when we are helping you design your bathroom. We are inspired to create beautiful modern looks that work with a multitude of different spaces from contemporary to traditional.

What we like about Cielo is the constant contact with their designers, they have “primed” Cielos’ minds, giving them a gift of imagination, it’s these creative minds that now drive their factory. working with great European architects is key for CIELO, as they inspire them to be art masters in their own right, working with artistic dedication to create small handmade pieces of art, and just like fine art, these pieces hold timeless appeal which is essential when creating your beautiful bathroom.

Come view the Cielo range instore 68 Achilles Ave, Nelson, NZ