You can leave your shoes on

Hard flooring v carpets – More and more these days we are caring about the meanings behind what we do. We’re sipping our almond milk latte and asking if that muffin is paleo, all to keep a healthy lifestyle. We are acknowledging that we are sensitive souls and we care about the health of our children and watch how much energy we use in order to save the environment.

This is great. We should be looking at the health of our home the same way.

Why do we still use carpet? Short answer- because it’s what we’ve got used to. Furnishing our homes with a mix of carpet and hard flooring is what we’ve grown up to know, we grew up in cold un-insulated houses and we may have looked across the road to an abundance of woolly sheep in the paddock. Where as in most parts of the world hard floorings in every room is the norm. Now with insulated housing we can follow suit to superior hard flooring.

Have you ever shook out a rug and seen the amount of dust, hair and other whatevers that have accumulated in it? The great thing is rugs can be popped outside to air and kill dust mites and other bacteria. Your carpet however cannot.

Furnishing your home with hard flooring such as a quality porcelain or engineered timber flooring is by far a better option for many reasons: it’s durable and will outlast carpet for years to come without fading in the sun; it’s hypoallergenic and easy to clean and stain resistant; it’s energy efficient for naturally heating your home and it’s cost effective due to its performance longevity.

Research is showing that hard flooring is not only a healthier option due the fact it can be easily cleaned, but also in areas where the sun can get to it can retain heat and keep distributing heat into the home long after the sun has gone down. In fact with more and more houses now fully insulated with double glazing on windows, this means the need for fully carpeted areas are a thing of the past.

With new interior trends opting for cleaner lines and more mindful spaces, hard flooring is shown in many of the most beautifully designed architecture. Due to hard flooring coming in so many different styles and designs it can create so many effects and used in many different applications throughout the home. We are an outdoor nation, we want the smooth flow from our inside to our outdoor entertaining areas and porcelain tiles can flow flawlessly.

Practical hardwearing floor surfaces are a must for the well-used areas of our homes, where flooring must stand the test of time and the crayon, not to mention pets, why should the dog stay outside,  and visitors have to take off their shoes anyway. Create an inviting, easy-care home with hardflooring.

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