Creating Stylish Outdoor Rooms

One thing Kiwis are great at is outdoor entertaining. Warm nights crowded on the lawn around BBQ with a beer, balancing our plates on our laps making sure our sausy doesn’t roll off our plates is part of our kiwi heritage.

Spending so much time outside over summer means we are now seeing the importance of creating great outdoor entertaining spaces. Outdoor spaces that flawlessly flow from our beautiful tiled interior designed living spaces. A lawn and a picnic table just doesn’t cut the mustard anymore. These stylish spaces are becoming a lot more civilised, complete with large tiled areas with couches, cushions, ceramic pots, outdoor fires and even outdoor kitchens.  The goal of these outdoor rooms is to create cosy, intimate areas to entertain without having to go inside to keep warm on a dewy evening.

Like any room, when designing these rooms you should start from the ground up. In the past you may have had a few concrete pavers, or concrete, natural stone or brick to choose from. With the latest developments in quality porcelain tiles they are now able to give the exact look or format you are after, in an easy to lay tile or paver. Outdoor tile pavers should be quality tested and resistant to stains, scratching, fading, moss and frosts.

As for the look, there are many styles, from wood, natural stone to metal look, with many sizes to choose from whether it’s a decorative smaller tile you’re after, or a large format tile for a more contemporary look. Porcelain tiles can create a flawless flow from your interior to your exterior, due to their vast range you’re sure to find a tile that is complementary to your interior surface.

Exterior porcelain tiles come in a variety of textures and are tested to be slip proof, due to being resistant to frost or moss.

Installing porcelain tiles and pavers is easy and there is no need to worry about cracking as they are constructed strong. They can be laid straight into grass or hard fill just like other pavers.

It is very important to go for a quality porcelain tile specific for the outside of your home, make sure they are frost, slip, fade and stain proof by asking for their quality certifications, this is important if you wish to future proof your home.

Come check out the many varieties of outdoor tiles in our showroom.