Express your personality with decorative tiles

Move over plain! Today’s tile designs feature exciting bold patterns and textures.They are influenced by all kinds of materials around us and thanks to wonderful technology advances are being used in fresh new ways to create stunning interior design schemes.

Whether you opt for the traditional Victorian inspired encaustic tiles, Moroccan print tiles, modern geometric, fabric textures or other patterned tiles, the key to pulling off this fresh new look is to let the tiles be the ‘hero’ of the room and work in simple, streamlined, architectural furniture, joinery and ceramic ware into the space.  This creates a modern look packed with character and artistic flair, with the decorative tiles adding a sense of nostalgia and quality craftsmanship to the designed space.

Whether you are after a kitchen tile splashback, a feature wall tile, flooring for a small room, creating different spaces within a larger room or a dramatic entrance way. Let decorative tiles be your medium to show your personal flair and uniqueness. Decorative tiles can make a big impact and bring your space to life.

Unica – decorative tiles

Since day one Unica’s designers have experimented and sought new waysto fashion small ceramic works of art in an innovative way. Every prototype is designed in the creative laboratory, where the architecture of complex ideas are researched and brought to life. Every piece is one of a kind,because every project is different.
See below some of the wonderful selection from Unica. All collections available from surfacedesign

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