For the love of colour

It’s spring and we’re enjoying observing the pops of colour from spring bulbs in bloom, but not only in nature are we seeing this beautiful colour, we’re seeing it in the samples from our Italian tile suppliers arriving in the showroom. Colour lovers will flock to some of the stylish selections, whether you like calm serene green or a bright bold hue there is a coloured tile just for you.

It helps when designing a space if you have knowledge about colours, to know what colours are suitable for combinations, the psychological effects that colours have in our lives and what fits better in order to obtain a desired result in a space. We enjoy thoughtfully guiding clients through this process. By adding a certain colour or combinations of colours you can simply change the mood in a room, create an illusion of a bigger open space or if your prefer cosier smaller space.

There is something very special and opulent about tiled walls. The texture or the shine on a tile delivers depth, interest and a sense of character to a home. By choosing tiles you are future proofing your home as their durability can’t be beaten, they have many years wear over a painted, or wallpapered surface.

Here are some things to think about when choosing your home’s interior colour palette.

  1. MOOD Have a look at each room, think about how long you’ll spend in each and at what times of day, what activities will take place in that room and what mood do you want to induce with the colours used. Example for a less lived-in room like a guest bathroom you may want to go bright,bold,colourful patterned tiles. For a living room you may want to be very warm and cosy with warm colours teamed with neutral tones or the opposite very minimal, calm, spacious and zen with earthy colours.
  2. LIGHT Look at how the sun enters your rooms and what times of day it appears, morning, afternoon, throughout the day or if at all. This will determine the shades of colours used, where you position colour highlights in a room and the impression the colour itself has, whether it’s in full sun or shade will change the colour completely.
  3. SIZE How big is the room? This could determine whether you use lighter or darker colours. Keep in mind bright colours can give the feeling of more space and darker or warm colours make the room look smaller.

For help with your colour choices come in and talk to Trish and Carlton in the showroom.