A Larger Dimension of Tiles

Large format thin porcelain tiles have been in production for well over 10 years, they are now a popular choice for home owners, we will see them continue to be a dominant trend in the coming years due to their great benefits of size, durability, ease of installation and variety of looks. Large format tiles can make a dramatic difference to an entire room giving you creative freedom with many interior surfaces, including exterior claddings.



  • Lightweight and thin but extremely resistant and flexible.
  • Does not absorb odours or liquids so easy to clean.
  • Not affected by sun, frost or weathering so requires minimal maintenance.
  • Thanks to their large dimension, these quality tiles create a visual impact of unique beauty and a superior finish is achieved. There is a multitude of different looks from metallic, natural stone, concrete, marble or wood in many colour variations to enhance other surfaces in the space.


  • To fix: lightweight.
  • To drill: decreased thickness.
  • To cut: simple as cutting glass.
  • To clean: non- absorbent.
  • We now have large format tile specialist installers.
  • Covers multiple needs and projects such as: floors, walls, curved surfaces, splashbacks, worktops, interior design applications and exterior cladding.
  • Ideal for the renovation of tiled floors and walls, as the thin slab may be installed over exsisting tiles and avoids deconstruction costs.
  • Installation times can be dramatically reduced.


  • They create an illusion of space by minimising grouted joins which subsequently reduces maintenance and helps with sanitation.


  • Many of the large format tiles come in a family of tiles with a range of other sizes and finishes available in the same style including exterior tiles and porcelain pavers to enable you to achieve a consistent flow throughout the property.


  • The large size and light weight is perfect for:
  1. External cladding
  2. Overlaying existing tiles
  3. Ceilings
  4. Walls
  5. Floors
  6. Splashbacks
  7. Cabinetry facades

Pop into our showroom and get expert advice on leading-edge design and quality, cost-effective installation of large format tiles.